Professional Community Services

Florida Statutes 718, 719, 720 and 723 by Bill White on October 29, 2013
The latest versions of Florida Statutes 718 - Condominiums, 719 - Cooperatives, 720 - Homeowner Associations and 723 - Mobile Home Parks is now available in the PCS Library in Microsoft Word format.
CAI-FLA website by Bill White on May 24, 2013
Please visit the new Community Association Institute Florida Legislative Alliance website for the latest updates on legislative initiatives and progress on legislation being ushered through the state legislature.
Naples Home Watch Service by Bill White on June 02, 2009
Home Inspection Services are being offered in Naples. Standard Services include:
  • Check A/C operation, major appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Check for signs of water leakage, pest infestations and mold or mildew
  • Check for signs of unauthorized occupancy and vandalism
  • landscape maintenance
  • swimming pool status
  • Removal of all papers and flyers
  • mail forwarding
  • Storm and severe weather inspections
  • Photographic, check list and e-mail inspection reports
  • Prices based on number of inspections

Optional Additional Services:
  • Auto Start-up
  • Clean and make ready for your return
  • Close-up and secure when you leave
  • Landscape maintenance services
  • Airport shuttle upon arrival and departure
  • Home inventory of your personal property

For additional information and custon pricing, contact

Cynthia in Naples at